Living in San Francisco, CA, for nearly 20 years, Philippe Glade has been published by Chronicle Books, Sunset Magazine, Nouvelles Images, Frontier Magazine, IKEA...Known for his vibrant and ethereal floral images, he also has a keen interest in the relationship between the environment and the adapted human habitat. Having crossed several times the Sahara desert in the early 90’s he fell in love with the vastness of its landscapes, the unreachable horizon and its soothing effect on the mind. When he settled in San Francisco in 1992, he came across the portfolio of a fellow photographer and the image of a strange looking wooden statue erected in the middle of nowhere picked his interest. Then in 1996 he saw a flyer in a store front advertising the Burning Man and on the spur of the moment he bought a ticket, packed a few gears, some food and drove solo to the unknown. Confident in his previous african experience and being an avid camper in his native France, he thought this was going to be a nice out-of-town Labor day holiday. Of course nothing went according to plan as, ill-equipped and unprepared for staying put several days in a row, Philippe Glade struggled to say cool and calm amid the surrounding extravaganza. Humbled by this overwhelming first experience he decided to do better next time. Over the following years, while testing and improving his own shelter solution, he began to document the creativity shown by the participants in surviving the harsh desert conditions. What started as a personal interest collection turned into a journey inside the ever evolving world of the nomadic architecture.